Are you looking to complement your Kitchen and Pets accessories line?

Jascor Housewares Inc.

Jascor Housewares Inc. from Canada, is the premier designer of Housewares products that bring Design, Style, Conscious, Contemporary and Cosmopolitan products to every home need. Their team of designers, travelers and Sales Managers bring a fresh thinking to the Industry. Jascor has several lines that are well known in Canada, and North America. Here is a brief description of each of the lines owned by this great company:



Messy Mutts and Totally Pooched

Messy Mutts and Totally Pooched pet care products naturally look good in your home. Just because you have a dog, or two, or three doesn’t mean your home has to look it. You shouldn’t compromise between maintaining a chic home and wholeheartedly loving your messy mutts. It’s dog décor to drool for.

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