The Made in America Movement

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The Made in America movement is a program and organization that aims to play a part in the restoration of the U.S. economy, by connecting U.S. manufacturers with consumers and by educating consumers on the importance of buying U.S. made products. The interesting new concept brings the desire to be loyal by not only to be willing to DIE for your country but also be willing to BUY for it.


According to the blog of The Made in America Movement, €œManufacturing is critical to the middle class population and to creating good-paying jobs that help the country to compete and out-innovate the rest of the world”. The manufacturing process is a great way to help middle class workers to receive a decent pay that would be above any service jobs. This fact, is a great indicator for any economy, particularly one that has been sourcing in the last  few years from the Asian giant, China.


As a retail brand ambassador, these initiatives are significant to help us understand the true competitive advantages of a country in order to market its products in other foreign economies.


I applaud these efforts; I believe in them and share what U.S companies are doing in an attempt to build their manufacturing base again.


We cannot forget how globalization has allowed us to expand our manufacturing horizons in ways before unimaginable, each country now educates internal consumers on the importance of choosing products made locally.


Similar steps are visible in countries such as Colombia, in which a similar movement Colombia is Passion has been going on for several years now.


Overall these initiatives not only help promote investing in countries like these ones, but also contribute to appreciate what the country has to offer locally.

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